Dr. Mayer L. Horensten

Mayer L. Horensten

The Longevity Doctor™

Over 35 years' experience as an award-winning physician and surgeon has given Dr. Horensten a unique perspective on staying healthy and keeping medical costs down. Of the more than 100,000 patients Dr. Horensten has treated - as both a specialist in nephrology and as a primary care physician, throughout the U.S. and abroad—too many of them suffered from illnesses that were largely avoidable.

This extensive background has led him to fully understand and appreciate the importance of preventive medicine and wellness for extending life, improving quality of life and reducing health care costs.

At the same time, Dr. Horensten's experiences in both managed care and private practice have demonstrated to him the need for greater patient education and motivation. As a result, his mission is to inspire people to take better care of their health and provide cutting-edge information to help them do it.

It's a mission born out of his passion for teaching. Between his professional presentations, his seminars and his faculty position at four different medical schools, Dr. Horensten has personally taught more than 2,000 physicians. He has also presented programs for nurses, patients and general audiences ranging from baby boomers to senior citizens.

His ability to connect with such diverse groups is a testament to both his vast knowledge and his talent for speaking to people in their language. His easy stage presence and strong command of the platform stem from the hundreds of presentations he's delivered combined with another of his passions: acting in theater productions. So instead of boring, jargon-filled lectures, his keynotes and seminars are lighthearted, down-to-earth and entertaining, imbued with practical advice and his own inspirational stories.

His writing is similarly varied, ranging from professional articles in such national publications as The Journal of the American Medical Association, to his popular book, Bite the Apple, which provides dozens of easy-to-digest health and wellness tips.

Dr. Horensten is a member of several professional associations, including the National Wellness Association and the American College of Physicians, which help him stay abreast of the latest news in health and medicine. If you'd like to bring this news to your people and help them live healthier lives while slashing their health care costs, then schedule The Longevity Doctor™ to speak to your organization today!

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